YouTube Ads Tutorial 2019

Learn YouTube Advertising in ONE video by watching me create Google Ads video campaigns from start-to-finish. In this video, we’ll go over what YouTube Ads is, how to get started, video production, Google Ads video campaign setup, we’ll launch actual campaigns, and finally, see the results of this two-day experiment.

If you’d like to watch it on YouTube, see my YouTube Ads Tutorial on YouTube.

Current YouTube Ads Tutorials – there’s not many – show you how to setup a Google Ads video campaign. In my opinion, setting up a video campaign is NOT an adequate YouTube Ads tutorial.

It doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of YouTube Advertising!

There’s SO much more that go into YouTube Advertising. Campaign setup is usually minor in-comparison to the other steps involved.

Video advertising involves knowing how to produce videos. Video production is a massive topic and usually requires a huge time-investment and strong commitment to learn it. Challenges will come up and you need to have the determination to push through countless obstacles and overcome.

So really, by the time you start setting up a Google Ads video campaign, it will seem trivial in comparison to the video creation steps you’ve overcome.

Furthermore, being successful with YouTube Ads is more about what you do AFTER you’ve created your campaign. That’s why any tutorial that only shows you how to setup the campaign isn’t really helpful.

In fact, it’s setting beginners up for disappointment because their expectations will absolutely be crushed by the numerous problems that seem to pop up at every turn.

Hence-forth hither, this is why I created a pretty comprehensive YouTube Ads tutorial for beginners. My goal with this video is to help beginners that might not be deeply entrenched in Google Advertising and just want to absorb all the key tips, tactics and techniques from ONE video in the shortest amount of time possible.

I think this video gives a great overview of what YouTube Ads is, how to get started, who the players are in the YouTube community, how to create a YouTube Ads campaign, how to produce a video ad, how to target your YouTube ads, and more.

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