Free YouTube Ads Crash Course

30-minute YouTube Ads crash course

I recently created a YouTube Ads crash-course on CourseNode. It will help anyone that wants to get a high-level overview of YouTube Ads BEFORE getting bogged down by the details.

In other words, this crash-course gives you a 10,000 foot overview of YouTube Ads so you can decide if it’s right for you. If you work at a digital marketing agency, this 30-minute training will be pretty valuable since it provides you with an actionable, step-by-step roadmap.

You will find a YouTube Advertising checklist PDF that you can download and use while you work through the process of planning and executing your YouTube Ads strategy for your business or clients.

To reach more people, I’ve made this crash-course available on YouTube because I’m trying to grow my channel. It’s new so if you’d like to help me out, please like, comment and subscribe if any of this content helps you!

Video 1: YouTube Advertising Myths and Common Objections

In this video, I talk about the common misconceptions people have about YouTube advertising. Some valid, some not. I must admit, I had these same objections when I worked at an agency. Looking back now, it was a lack of knowledge on my part.

When looking at a client’s options, the question would always come up:

What about YouTube Ads?

My automatic response was usually two disqualifying questions:

  1. does the client currently have videos?
  2. does the client want to build their YouTube presence / following?

Most people that work at agencies think “If the answer is no to either of these two questions, we can’t do YouTube Ads.”

Not true, and here’s why…

First, the client does not need to have prior videos. You can easily make them in-house, or outsource their creation… and charge your clients for this service.

Nowadays, you can create videos very easily using a cell phone, PowerPoint, video creation service at Fiverr, video elements (stock music, images, videos, graphics) and video editing software like Premiere Pro or Camtasia, and many other ways.

If you don’t currently create videos, it’s in your best interest to start.


Because people prefer watching videos more than any other ad format. Think about it. If you’re given the choice to read a wall of text or watch a video, what are you going to choose?

Another good reason to start video Advertising is that the cost of other channels is getting too high. Would you rather spend $10 for a single search click, or pay $10 and get 1,000 video VIEWS – you don’t pay unless they choose to watch – for $0.01 from a targeted audience?

Views cost as low as a penny right now (2019)!

When was the last time you could get in-front of your target market for a penny?

Second, clients don’t need to have their own YouTube channel to do YouTube Ads.

You, as an agency, should have a YouTube channel that you use for marketing purposes. If the client does want to build their YouTube channel presence, great. Link to their YouTube channel. If not, it’s not a deal breaker. Link to your agency’s marketing-specific YouTube channel and upload videos there.

At the end of the day, it’s all about generating more sales, leads, subscribers or consideration for the products and services we promote. YouTube Ads is knowledge you need to have in your arsenal as a marketer.

Video 2: YouTube Ads Marketing Roadmap and Checklist

Before you set off on creating a video ad campaign, you should first make sure you have a well thought-out strategy in-place. To help you get started fast, I created a downloadable YouTube Ads marketing roadmap and checklist.

In video 2, I go over the accounts you need to get started with YouTube Advertising, and how to use the checklist.

Video 3: Setting Up Tracking

In video 3, I discuss the importance of setting up and testing tracking and analytics on your website BEFORE you start advertising on YouTube. I’ve seen so many advertisers start advertising without knowing exactly what their goals were, what they’re conversion points were, and what their funnel looked like.

Best-practice: don’t start advertising unless you’ve setup tracking, have tested it, and it works. I show you how in great depth in my Complete YouTube Ads course.

Video 4: Campaign Settings and Ad Group Targeting

In video 4, we’ll talk about the campaign and ad group-level settings.

A lot of this is requirements-gathering. Asking these types of questions will help you define your campaign and ad group settings. If you’re not familiar with these settings, the best way to get familiar is to poke around in the Google Ads interface.

I realize it can feel overwhelming at first, and Google doesn’t help you understand it very well either. They expect you to try things, waste money (which they benefit from), and learn on your own.

Video 5: YouTube Ad Formats

In video 5, we’ll browse around YouTube to see what kind of video and display ad formats we can find.

In general:

  • Display Ads
  • Video
    • Skippable in-stream ads
      • TrueView for Action
    • Non-skippable in-stream ads
    • Discovery ads
    • Bumper ads
    • Outstream ads
    • CTA overlays, end-screens, cards
    • Ad sequence

Video 6: Making Effective Video Ads

In video 6, I talk about what elements make for an effective video ad.

The anatomy of an effective video ad:

    1. 5-second intro hook. Also, don’t forget to create a custom thumbnails – especially for discovery ads
    2. Pre-qualify people and tell them to skip if they’re not interested (if doing a cost-per-view campaign)
    3. Storyselling, education
  1. Call-to-action – tell people where to click, longer end-screen time

Also, if you want to get ideas for YouTube Ads, check out my YouTube Video Ads Examples playlist.

Video 7: Complete Walk-through Example

In video 7, I put together a complete walk-through to show you that video ad production doesn’t have to be anything scary or super-serious. Your first ad won’t be good. Me shooting this video isn’t very good.

I mainly want to show you that it doesn’t take much to create a video ad and it’s better to start somewhere than not start at all.

After I shoot this video on my outdated cell-phone, I bring the video into Camtasia to edit it. I show how to trim, adjust the color, add a few arrows… and call it good.

Then I show you how to setup the actual YouTube Ads video campaign in Google Ads.

Video 8: Walk-through Results

In video 8, I want to show you the results from our YouTube Ads campaign.

Even from this relatively crappy, low-production video, I was able to get 1 person out of 100 views to click through and convert. Obviously, this was just an example campaign so I didn’t put time into optimizing it but the overarching idea is to find what works on a smaller scale, then crank your budget up.

What do you think about this YouTube Ads crash course? What questions do you have about YouTube Advertising? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

Thanks for visiting.

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