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What is YouTube Ads?


Find a YouTube Ads course taught by an experienced YouTube Advertising thought leader. If you scroll down this page, you will find some potentially good YouTube Ads courses to consider.

My advice when looking for a YouTube advertising course is to find an instructor that is:

  • responsive (not MIA)
  • can answer difficult YouTube Ads questions
  • has proven track record and deep expertise managing real YouTube Ads campaigns
  • is willing to go that extra mile for you, but not do it for you (unless you hire them)

YouTube Advertising isn’t easy. A course can give you the roadmap but it’s up to you to put in the work, keep going when things get tough, and be a creative problem-solver until you succeed.

YouTube Advertising – Which Course?

So, you’re looking for a YouTube Ads course that will teach you how to be successful with YouTube Advertising.

Successful usually means you want to use video advertising to generate more sales, leads, awareness or subscribers for your clients, business or YouTube channel.

But before you start your amazing YouTube advertising journey, let me give you some tough love…

Most people initially interested in learning YouTube Advertising will quickly get discouraged when they realize the amount of work, skills and determination that is required.

That’s why, if you’re serious about learning YouTube Advertising from a course, there are some key things you should really look for in a course before buying.

What to Look For in a YouTube Ads Course

A course that is up-to-date

The Google Ads interface changes all the time. Therefore, out-of-date screencasts of the old AdWords interface isn’t very helpful. Look for a YouTube Advertising course that uses the latest Google Ads interface to avoid frustration.

Another reason you need an up-to-date course to learn from is that advertising features in Google Ads for Video campaigns are constantly evolving and changing.

Google pretends like it’s not trying to compete with cable TV providers, but in-reality, that’s EXACTLY what Google’s long-term goal is with YouTube. That’s why the pace of innovation inside Google Ads for Video is so rapid! They are testing and optimizing new features all the time.

So, it just makes logical sense for you to buy the most up-to-date course that also covers the latest features inside Google Ads video campaigns.

An Experienced YouTube Advertising Instructor

Use caution when considering a YouTube Ads course taught by instructors that fall into two categories:

  1. Instructors that make courses on many different topics
  2. Self-proclaimed Google Ads experts that have little-to-no actual experience with YouTube Advertising

Instructors that make courses on many different topics are trying to build an online course business. Websites like Udemy have devalued the online course model to a menial $10 a pop.

Good for the student, bad for the instructor.

As a result, a lot of course creators have realized that to make money with online courses, they need to make a lot of them.

What this means for students is, you end up with is a lower-quality course that’s often lacking in any real deep insights that only experienced instructors would know after spending lots of money on YouTube advertisements.

I’m not saying that making courses on many topics is bad.

What I am saying is, with YouTube Ads particularly, it’s really important to find an instructor that IS a subject matter expert because you will encounter many scenarios where not even the Google Ads documentation OR Google Ads support can or will help you (sadly). What’s worse is, you risk getting the wrong information which can be an expensive lesson learned.

On the note of self-proclaimed Google Ads experts

A lot of Google Ads experts really are experts in their respective right. I have met a lot of them and they’re all good, well-intentioned professionals that act on the best-interest of their clients.

That said, being an expert at Search Network, Display Network, Remarketing strategies, Shopping — does NOT make you an expert in YouTube Advertising!

YouTube advertising is an entirely different beast.

A lot of Google Ads Qualified Professionals have profoundly wrong misconceptions about advertising with YouTube ads because of one or two bad past experiences – “Oh I tried it 3 years ago and the keyword targeting captured all types of crazy queries.” and that’s about it.

There’s no substitute for real actual hands-on experience. Not the documentation. Not support. Not the Google Ads Video Certification exam.

If you are committed, a good course can help you gain instant experience, shortening your learning curve and warn you about what pitfalls to avoid.

A Course That Covers Video Production

In my opinion, the #1 reason businesses don’t get into video marketing in-general is because of the time and expertise needed to produce videos.

Video production is an entire industry! If you are busy like most people, you don’t have the time and energy to explore: lighting, cameras, sound, storyboarding, etc.

And yet, producing videos is necessary for YouTube Advertising since your ad is a video.

If you’re not currently well-versed in video production, it helps to have an instructor that walks you through several ways to produce videos (with and without being in front of the camera).

I include an entire section dedicated to video production in my YouTube Ads course.

Warning! Many courses on YouTube Advertising just show you how to set up a Google Ads Video TrueView In-stream ad or Discovery ad campaign and that’s it. If you take a YouTube Ads course and that is all you get out of it, trust me, you missed out on a lot.

What YouTube Ads Courses Exist in 2019?

Let’s identify some of the current YouTube Ads courses that exist right now.

CourseNode Complete YouTube Ads Course

Disclaimer: this is obviously our course. We are totally bias!

CourseNode YouTube Ads Course

CrazyEye Marketing – The Ultimate YouTube Ads Training Course

This course looks legit. I haven’t taken it but it covers vital things that most other courses ignore – pixel tracking, see live campaigns over the shoulder.

CrazyEye Marketing – Free YouTube Advertising Course

This free YouTube Ads course is very valuable and helpful. YT Advantage is supposed to be their paid course but it may not have happened.

Nevertheless, I went through this training and can say it aligns a lot with much of my thoughts on YouTube advertising.

Great for beginners. Although, there’s tons of spam comments on their site which makes the site look abandoned.

YouTube Advertising Free Course

CourseNode’s Free YouTube Ads Course

The goal of this free crash course was to teach you YouTube Ads in under 30 minutes. Something you might consider checking out in your journey.

Free YouTube Ads Course

Tom Breeze YouTube Ads Masterclass

Tom Breeze is allegedly the G.O.A.T. when it comes to YouTube Advertising.

He may be. He’s one of those true YouTube Ads experts I was referring to.

His courses however aren’t the most affordable.

Tom Breeze YouTube Ads

Justin Sardi’s YouTube Ads Course

I honestly don’t know how else to find Justin Sardi’s YouTube Ads course other than by finding one of his ads on YouTube and watching his webinar.

I don’t own his course but I like that he walks-the-walk when it comes to YouTube Ads. He doesn’t just teach YouTube Advertising, he also does it.

He is the creator of a tool called TubeSift which helps you find monetized placements on YouTube for your niche.

Last thought: he seems like the perfect teacher for people most interested in affiliate marketing and CPA networks, but I’m sure his teachings are widely applicable.

Justin Sardi

Shash Singh’s YouTube Channel

Shash Singh has a YouTube Ads Course. His YouTube channel is also a good source of YouTube Advertising insights.

Shash runs a digital marketing agency named Linx Digital.

YouTube Ads Channel

Did I miss a YouTube Ads course or instructor? Leave a comment and let me know.

Why Learn YouTube Ads?

Most people showing up to this page won’t need to be convinced why they should learn YouTube Advertising.

If you do, I made an entire Learn YouTube Ads for beginners video which can be found here. It basically gives a lot of facts, figures and reason why.

Rather than me go into YouTube Ads statistics, here are some resources to check out:

Your Turn

What do you think? Leave a comment below about your thoughts, questions and concerns you have with YouTube Advertising!

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