YouTube Ads Course

What is YouTube Ads?


Find a YouTube Ads course taught by an experienced YouTube Advertising thought leader. If you scroll down this page, you will find some potentially good YouTube Ads courses to consider.

My advice when looking for a YouTube advertising course is to find an instructor that is:

  • responsive (not MIA)
  • can answer difficult YouTube Ads questions
  • has proven track record and deep expertise managing real YouTube Ads campaigns
  • is willing to go that extra mile for you, but not do it for you (unless you hire them)

YouTube Advertising isn’t easy. A course can give you the roadmap but it’s up to you to put in the work, keep going when things get tough, and be a creative problem-solver until you succeed.

YouTube Advertising – Which Course?

So, you’re looking for a YouTube Ads course that will teach you how to be successful with YouTube Advertising.

Successful usually means you want to use video advertising to generate more sales, leads, awareness or subscribers for your clients, business or YouTube channel.

But before you start your amazing YouTube advertising journey, let me give you some tough love…

Most people initially interested in learning YouTube Advertising will quickly get discouraged when they realize the amount of work, skills and determination that is required.

That’s why, if you’re serious about learning YouTube Advertising from a course, there are some key things you should really look for in a course before buying.

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Google Ads Video Ad Sequence Campaigns for YouTube Ads

Ad sequencing for video campaigns

In this post, we cover:

What is video ad sequencing?

  • Video ad sequencing is a campaign “subtype” that allows you to show a series of videos in a specific order that you define, to an audience.
  • Here’s another definition. With video ad sequencing, you can tell your product or brand story by showing people a series of videos in the order that you define. You can use a video ad sequence campaign to build interest, reinforce a message, or create a unifying theme.

How does video ad sequencing work?

  • An ad sequence campaign is made up of a series of “steps”. Each step can be thought of as an ad group within the campaign. Each step has one video associated to it.
  • When your ad sequence campaign is live, people will see the first step in the sequence.
  • After a person sees the first step, they are eligible to see the second step, and so on until the person makes it all the way through the ad sequence.

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