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20 PPC Campaign Builder Tools

You sit down at your desk. You’ve had it on your to-do list for a while. The time has finally come.

It’s time to build that PPC campaign.

You start poking around the online interface – Google Ads, Bing ads, Amazon, or some other platform – to figure out what requirements are actually needed to build your PPC campaign.

Then you think to yourself…

I wonder if there is PPC campaign builder software that can help me do this faster and easier!

And here you are.

If you give me a few minutes, I’ll show you some PPC campaign builder options to help you make an informed decision.

Just to let you know, I also sell a PPC campaign builder software called PPC Campaign Generator. It’s only runs on Windows machines. If you’re interested, feel free to check it out!

Let’s get down to it.

PPC Campaign Builder Solutions

Your options for finding a decent tool that can build quality PPC campaigns is limited. There just aren’t many tools out there that can handle all the different ways PPC campaigns can be structured. It also depends on your own personal definition of “quality”.

For example, most of the tools can group keywords into common themes, but whether those groups are “good” is something only you can evaluate and decide.

And in-fact, most of these tools adopt the “single keyword ad groups” concept where each keyword has its own ad group and that keyword could have several different match types within that single ad group.

As far as what PPC tools exist for building PPC campaigns, you will run across:

  • desktop software that’s specific to your operating system
  • spreadsheet tools
  • online interfaces
  • Keyword Planners (Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising)
  • Programming your own (if you know how to code)

Let’s take a deeper look at some options for building PPC campaigns.

PPC Campaign Generator is a Windows-based desktop software that can be used to build Google, Bing and Amazon PPC campaigns.

Price: $27 (one-time)

SpeedPPC is an online PPC campaign builder tool that can help you build quality paid search campaigns quickly. You can try it free. To export the results, you’ll have to join.

Price: $69.30 per month (normally $99/month) or $699.30 per year (normally $999/year)

WordStream’s campaign builder uses WordStream’s keyword database to build entire campaigns from scratch. You choose a topic, then relevant ad groups and keywords, then set your settings, and write your ads.

Price: $299 per month minimum, various other pricing options

Build PPC campaigns from structured data (a template). 

Price: $499 per month minimum, various other pricing options

Instaon lets you build high-quality Google Ads campaigns automatically to get your ads on Google. 

Price: €0 per month and up, other pricing options

A single application where you can research and generate keywords, clean the keywords, create ad copy and build the campaign to upload to Google Ads editor.

The iSpionage Keyword and Campaign Builder helps streamline this process.

Price: $59 per month and up

SEMrush can help you build out search PPC campaigns from scratch leveraging their massive keyword database and tools.

Price: $99 per month and up

This script lets you build or add keywords to your Google campaigns following standard best practice. This script builds out single keyword ad groups.

Price: Free

Google Ads Keyword Planner is the gold standard for getting keywords. It can also be used to output keyword groupings and build entire PPC campaign structures and plans.

Price: Free

Bing Ads looked at Google Ads Keyword Planner… and copied the basic idea. Microsoft Advertising Keyword Planner can supplement your PPC campaign building goal by providing further keyword research and potential ad group ideas.

Price: Free

Create 5000+ adgroups with 2 or 3 ads per adgroups in less than 10 minutes. Note: this software is quite old, but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful. You should check it out and see for yourself.

Price: $199.31

PPC Campaign Builder helps you to build Profitable PPC Campaigns Quickly and Easily. It is fast, easy to use and runs on your desktop.

Price: $27.00

This tool has also been around for a while. A unique feature about this tool is that it claims to be able to make image banner ads. Most other PPC campaign builder tools don’t have this feature. Check this software out and decide for yourself if it’s right for you.

Price: $67.00

Spaceboost’s structure builder is the world’s leading solution for building and automatically managing PPC Search campaigns, ad groups, and keywords.

Create millions of new ad groups from ad & keyword templates.

Price: Free to start, must link account

A free online tool where you input campaign details into an online web form and it’s supposed to generate your PPC campaign. Note: the ad fields don’t look up-to-date with expanded text ad formats. For the fact that it’s not updated, I wouldn’t use it personally.

Price: Free

An online ad generator tool. This tool is outdated because it doesn’t support expanded text ads. Just mentioning it for completeness-sake.

Price: Free

They have tools for various PPC tasks using Excel. See this PPC Excel & Power Query Campaign Builder example here if you want to dive deeper and learn more.

Price: $5 – $30

Advanced PPC campaign building tools to launch Google and Bing campaigns at scale. Acquisio is the real-deal, but you are definitely not going to buy Acquisio for its PPC campaign building tool alone.

This is an option for advanced agencies.

Price: % of Ad Spend, contact them

This tool allows you to fully automate the setup of your Google AdWords campaigns. Hand over all those boring and tiring work tasks to this amazing tool and get a fully setup campaign with possibly thousands of keywords in only a few minutes.

Price: Free

Adivore® Builder restructures your current paid search campaigns using historical top-performing search term data from existing paid search campaigns. Campaign building software predicts the structure and proper keywords before anything is launched.

Price: Contact AdWorthy

Where to go from here?

As you can see, there are several options for building paid search campaigns.

Some of them free, some of them have monthly fees, and some of them are part of a larger monthly package of tools.

My advice: coming from someone who has built hundreds of PPC campaigns by hand and with all sorts of tools, I would say the answer depends on:

  • the scale at which you need to build your campaign
  • how frequently you plan to build campaigns
  • how granular you want your campaign structure
  • how picky you are with the keyword grouping similarity

For most casual mom-and-pop users of Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising, the Keyword Planner tools will be enough for getting your ads live.

For more intermediate-to-advanced users, investing in a tool can save you a ton of time once you’ve learned how to use it. The learning-curve is part of the overall decision to consider.

Ultimately, if you just need to build a basic PPC campaign, just find a free tool from above and do it that way. If you plan do build out a lot of campaigns or work at a digital marketing agency, it might be worth the money to invest in a PPC building tool.

How’d I Do?

Leave me a comment below and let me know if I missed a tool, or got something incorrect.

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