Our First Course is Now LIVE!

It’s a big milestone for me.

Our first course is on YouTube Advertising. Use promo code WELCOME10 to get this course now for just $10.

It was actually my second course I ever created. This course took 4 months in-total to make and in hindsight, I did several things wrong that caused it to take so long.

First, I’m a perfectionist. I wanted everything to be perfect, but striving for perfection takes a long time.

Second, I included absolutely everything someone would ever want to know about YouTube Advertising. I kept saying to myself “Well, if I’m going to have this section, then I need this section.” What’s funny is I initially started out with the goal of making a short, concise course. Instead, I ended up with over 100 videos and 9+ hours of content.

Third, I have no list whatsoever so I’m literally starting from scratch. If I had been blogging and sharing videos all this time instead of just thinking about doing it, I could have easily launched this product in a much better way.

Fourth, Google is ALWAYS changing their interface. This means I will have to be more proactive about updating the course than I would if I had made a more hands-off evergreen course. This creates a potentially short life-cycle which then increases the urgency of getting people into the door right away.

Anyone going through this course will literally learn what took me 9+ years to learn, and they will also learn Display advertising in-addition to YouTube advertising… BUT, a 9-hour course is a lot for a person to get through. That’s why I call this not a “course” but more of a personal “transformation” because you won’t be the same person when you are finished.

All-in-all, we got our first course live, we learned a ton, and we will do even better (production quality, time-to-market, course length) in the next one.

What I’m trying to do with CourseNode is not easy. It’s the chicken before the egg type of thing.

I want to build a marketplace for online courses, but I don’t have course partners to help me build the marketplace, and I don’t have buyers to incentivize people to sign up because I don’t have courses (yet). The one thing I can control is the supply-side of things by creating as many courses (high-quality of course) and starting to attract buyers organically.

Through this blog, I intend to share high-quality content about the courses I create.

The ultimate goal of all of this is to give course creators the lion’s share of their courses without gouging them through referral fees, commissions and monthly platform fees.

At the same time, I want to be THE place where people come to learn something that helps them in their lives.

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