Linking Google Search Console to Google Analytics

Linking Google Search Console to Google Analytics

This site is not linked to any web property in your Google Analytics account

Are you seeing that message in Google Analytics when trying to link Google Search Console?

Annoying, right?

You have Google Search Console setup, but Google Search Console (webmaster tools) doesn’t see it for some reason.

There’s an entire post that captures people’s frustrations around this here:

I can’t get Analytics to link with Search Console despite domain already been verified

But, as with most forum advice, you’re not sure if you want to waste a bunch of time trying it for yourself only to see if it works.

Well, worry not. I wasted my time for you and can tell you the advice did help me link Google Analytics and Search Console, but it comes with the cost of having what’s called a URL Prefix┬álink and a Domain Property link under one domain.

See the video below for a complete walk-through

What do I mean by “Domain Property” and where do you find this?

Link Google Search Console to Google Analytics

When you go to your Google Search Console, and you click the drop-down for your properties, you will notice the phrase “Domain Property” under those properties that were verified via a domain verification method.

What do I mean?

Domain vs URL Prefix linking methods

When you verified your domain within Google Search Console, you probably used the Domain verification method (left above). This is good and great except now Google Analytics is too stupid to realize that your site already is verified.

What you can do is verify your domain again, but this time…


That’s the key to linking Google Search Console to Google Analytics currently (this could change if Google fixes how Google Analytics talks to Google Search Console!).

What if I already have a domain property?

Can you have BOTH a domain property AND URL prefix in Google Search Console? Well, I added both and do have both. What kind of impact or complications might this cause? The truth is, I have no idea.

I know one thing – I didn’t want to delete my Domain property because it already has history and data gathered and I don’t want to lose it.

So, I’m going to try having both and see if any harm comes from it.

Is this IDEAL? Of course not… but what choice do we have currently?

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