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In my opinion, it’s not very straight-forward or intuitive how to add ad scheduling in Google Ads Editor. So, I thought I’d whip up this post real quick briefly explaining how to do it.

First, let’s get a quick idea of what the Google Ads Editor team calls the different sections within Google Ads Editor.

Google Ads Editor Layout Names and Sections

  1. Toolbar: The toolbar is at the top of Google Ads Editor. Use the buttons to open or add an account, download recent changes, check or post changes to Google Ads, and view account statistics.
  2. Tree view: Use the tree view or, also known as the account tree, to select or search the account, campaign, or ad group that you want to view or edit. Click the arrow next to the account name or any campaign to expand or collapse it.
  3. Type list: Click an item in the type list to view or search data for your selected account, campaign, or ad group. For example, select a campaign in the tree view, then select Keywords in the type list to see the keywords for that campaign in the data view.
  4. Data view: The data view displays the contents of your account, campaign, or ad group. Contents of your data view will change depending on what you’ve selected in the tree view and type list.
  5. Edit panel: When you select a row in the data view, you can edit it in the edit panel or by typing directly in the selected row.
  6. Settings panel: Not shown in the above image, it’s the panel that appears on the right-hand side to allow you to edit settings related to whatever level you’re on (campaign, ad group, etc.)

The above information can be found here:


The Steps to Add Ad Scheduling in Google Ads Editor

Step 1: Have Campaigns selected from the Type List section in Google Ads Editor.

Google Ads Editor Campaigns in Type List Section

Step 2: Enable the ad scheduling column so you can see which campaigns have ad scheduling applied. If you see None, it means that campaign row does not have ad scheduling applied.

If you’ve never set up ad scheduling, you first need to do this in the online Google Ads interface first. Once you’ve created at least one campaign with the ad scheduling you want, THEN you’ll be able to copy it and apply it to other campaigns.

Google Ads Editor Enable Ad Scheduling Column

Step 3: Right-click and copy a campaign row that contains ad scheduling that you want to paste or apply to another campaign or set of campaigns. This step can be really confusing.

What we’re doing is simply copying (CTRL+C or CMD+C) the campaign to our clipboard. To convince yourself that this is happening, open up Excel and paste it in. You should see your Google Ads campaign information in table format.

Look at the ad scheduling column to see what format it’s in for super saiyan PPC bonus points.

Google Ads Editor Copy Campaign

Step 4: With the campaign still copied to your clipboard, select one or multiple campaigns that you want to apply ad scheduling to. You can select multiple using CTRL or CMD and also SHIFT (is SHIFT only on Windows? not sure.).

Google Ads Editor Select Campaign Rows To Apply Ad Scheduling

Step 5: With rows still selected from step 4, and Campaigns still selected in the Type list section of Google Ads Editor, find Ad schedule in the “Settings panel” (not described in the navigation image for some reason).

Here, you will see a clipboard icon. Click it, and BAM, your ad scheduling from one campaign was pasted to the other campaigns.

Apply Paste Ad Scheduling To Campaigns in Google Ads Editor

Why You Should Care About This?

To be efficient. Creating ad schedules by hand manually is a pain in the online interface! You can have up to 6 ad schedule slots so defining those ranges is a complete nightmare.

I’ve heard of paid search managers that have wasted entire days applying this to many campaigns because they didn’t know this simple trick.

Your Turn. What Do You Think?

Did you know about this ad scheduling capability in Google Ads Editor? Have you wasted a lot of time doing manual things like this in Google Ads?

Leave me a comment below!

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